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Since 1999, we’ve been helping people like you recover from psychosomatic and emotional pain by providing unique and custom-tailored counseling that is effective, confidential and affordable.

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* In Person (Los-Angeles, Milano, Prague, Ceasarea).
* Over the phone.
* Online - Zoom and/or email.


What is psychosomatic pain?

Psychosomatic pain is characterized by a debilitating sensation of pain with no indication of tissue damage. It often affects you after significant life changes and is exacerbated by stress, fatigue, depression, and anger. Acute injuries necessitate pain as a protective measure to prevent further damage, but once the tissues have recovered, pain is no longer appropriate and can negatively impact your life. 

When pain persists or exists without a medical cause, it is referred to as psychosomatic, and we must investigate the causes and potential solutions. Chronic pain sufferers may very well have thoughts and behaviors that are harmful to their long-term well-being.

How do we solve chronic symptoms?

We believe, that your symptoms - be it pain or IBS or anxiety - are only the results of the real issue, a hidden inner conflict that is the source of the problem. This inner conflict tricks the brain to send neurotransmitters that signal pain and discomfort in the body, while in fact the real problem remains unconscious. These symptoms were meant to divert your attention from debilitating emotional pain, for evolutionary and survival reasons. Exposing the source of the symptoms and customizing an approach for your unique personality to deal with that deep inner conflict is the only pathway to recovery and eliminating pain.

How long does relief from pain last?

For most clients, relief is permanent. By exposing and dealing with the real emotional source of your chronic issues, you solve the problem. Chronic pain is a mental trick, so once you expose the mechanics of that trick - you will not be overwhelmed or surprised by it. Just as you would be bored by a magician performing his act without concealing the props.

Is the counseling completely private?

We have a strict confidentiality policy. As your therapists, we will never share any information about you (or even confirm that you are a client) with anyone, at anytime and for any reason. We will never ask you for your I.D. or any other kind of personal information that doesn't have anything to do with how we can help you get better. More than that, you may remain completely anonymous, even to us.

What is wrong with pain ‘management’?

If you own your own business, would you be interested in managing an employee who is continuously damaging your products and harassing your clients, or would you be more interested in getting rid of him asap?
Pain is a message, a neuro-signal, not a ‘thing’, and there is no reason to allow chronic pain to bother you long term. You are not cursed, it is definitely not forever - and you do not have to suffer any longer. Let us help you.

How can I be confident that my chronic pain will vanish?

Your pain is induced by your brain. Your brain is neuro-plastic, and therefor adapts to changes in your central nervous system, which is directly influenced by your emotional and mental states. Therefor, if we work through and deal with the real conflicts that have created these symptoms - the brain will stop signaling pain. The only condition is that the source of the pain is not an infection or a recent acute injury. If you just broke your leg, you should not consult us - go to the emergency room! But if you fell many years ago and still suffer from back pain for no medical reason, we are here to help you with that exact issue.